Go-Gettas is an incredibly convenient on-demand, same day service in connecting businesses and consumers with food, grocery, items, medication, etc. and provides errand running services. A hybrid logistics service operating a network of couriers that transports virtually anything locally. Specializing in providing domestic on ground business and delivery couriers. We provide an online platform for local businesses that do not have an online ordering presence. Our app is a real-time GPS based pickup, delivery and field service management solution designed to maximize the employee productivity, improve customer service, and promote efficiencies and has an e-signature feature for proof of delivery upon arrival. Our online platform allows us to view courier’s current street whereabouts by the second while also allowing the customer to track and rate our services.  Customers will conveniently be able to WhatsApp, download our app, or go on www.go-gettas.com and select from a catalog of various goods they might need from local businesses such as grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, restaurants etc. Businesses can offer unlimited delivery options without any overhead and ultimately boost their bottom line by increasing sales. Couriers get a flexible job and accept payments from customers directly by cash, credit or debit cards after the order has been placed. A courier can pick up medication from the local pharmacy, make a run to the liquor store, become your own personal shopper for the grocery store, pick up and deliver a briefcase you left across town, go and pay a bill, deliver documents to another firm, return your keys that are at your friend’s house, or they can deliver food purchased from a restaurant..